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Secret Revealed For Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma Diet !

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


The power couple Virushaka are foodie at heart with right fitness choices and balanced diet which makes them an inspiration for many.

Kohli Diet

In a diverse country like India, Cricket and Bollywood are like religion that unites people. Bollywood celebs and Cricketers are often given God-like status for the hope they ignite. This is especially true for Indian skipper Virat Kohli, whom almost every young man in the country wants to emulate. On the other hand Anushka Sharma one of the most popular and highest-paid actresses (anushka sharma net worth 2022 is $35 million (Rs.265 Crore) and producer in India, who she has received several awards, including a Filmfare Award. She has appeared in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 since 2012 and was featured by Forbes Asia in their 30 Under 30 list of 2018.

Virat Kohli Snacks

Kohli is a massive fan of his mom's cooking, what he calls as Ma Ka Khaana, especially her mutton biryani and Rajma Chawal is his favorite.

Earlier, he was fond of Chola Bhatura until he chose to be on a strict diet. Cricket requires him to follow a strict and healthy diet, he likes to gorge on Japanese delicacies every chance he gets. He enjoys eating "sushi" a lot. Virat’s diet includes a lot of healthy fat and that’s the reason, he keeps nuts and butter handy while traveling.

On daily basis he has a low-carb, high-protein diet to help maintain the fat percentage of his body.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of virat kohli diet plan for his fans and everyone else to get inspired to remain fit.

Virat Kohli Vegan Diet Plan


  • 2 boiled egg whites.

  • 1 bowl of cooked oats.

  • Lean meats such as ham/chicken or mackeral.

  • Tofu or low fat paneer, dal etc can be included along with other veggies.

  • Nuts contain protein along with other nutrients like minerals and vitamins

  • One bowl of cooked oats (with low fat milk)


  • A bowl of veg or mixed salad.

  • Rotis made with whole wheat or a bowl of brown rice.

  • Sprouts are a good source of carbs.

  • A glass of smoothie consists of about 15-18g of carbs.

  • Carbs from rotis and rice are slow releasing carbs with fibre.


  • Nuts in the morning.

  • Olive oil in small quantities.

  • A bowl of oats with a handful of nuts.

Virat Kohli Fat Percentage

Virat Khoil has 8 % body fat percentage after switching over to a vegetarian diet, he has experienced a tremendous increase in his energy and performance. His diet mostly consists of vegan protein shakes, vegetables, and soya. He eats a lot of seasonal fruits like papaya and watermelon. His breakfast comprises gluten-free bread with nut butter. He does not consume dairy products and drinks up to 3-4 cups of green tea every day.

Virat Kohli Daily Diet

Virat Kohli shares the Healthy Food he Snacks On All Day Too Yumm ! Multigrain Chips.

Virat Kohli states, “I have always been impressed by the Too Yumm! products as they are equally healthy and tasty. As someone who is very careful of the food he consumes, I am a huge fan of the new Multigrain Chips, as they are very light to consume and make for a wholesome snack. They have especially been a savior to satiate my hunger pangs during my hectic schedule and constant travelling this IPL season. The Multigrain Chips make for the perfect addition to my healthy lifestyle and I can’t seem to get enough of them!”

Anushka Sharma Diet

Anushka Sharma's confident and bold avatar as a mommy-to be has won many hearts and so is her post pregnancy fitness routine. Anushka Sharma has been very dilgent with her yoga sessions. In fact, a lot of credit for her fabulously toned physique goes to her good food choices. She eats frequently to keep her metabolism up but makes sure that her meals are healthy and balanced. You may have not known this but Anushka Sharma is also a foodie at heart. Here are some of the things that she enjoys to eat.

Anushka is a "NO" to junk food person. She strongly feels your skin is a mirror of what you are eating as she quotes "Whatever you eat, reflects on your skin" so putting junk food in her body is the last thing she will do. So, if you eat junk food it will show on your body, thus making you look dull and overweight. She keeps her diet simple:

Breakfast - A glass of fresh fruit juice with two egg whites. Midday snack- Coconut Water or lime with cheese toast Lunch- Anushka love Homemade dal with some veggies, two chapattis and some salad. She always carries lunch from home. Evening snack- She prefers to munching on protein bars or seasonal fruits.

Dinner - A glass of milk before going off to bed.

Anushka always carry a packet of healthy snacks or a box of nuts with me at all times. Often, she munch on wheat crackers and wheat thins, which come in small and convenient-sized packets to slip into the handbag.

Anushka sharma On Instagram

The 'power couple' recently took to Instagram to share an adorable photo, which featured them doing "hands-down" (leg up) the most difficult one. As yoga is a big part of Anushka's life, her doctor recommended that she can do all such asanas that she was doing before she was pregnant (after a certain stage) barring twists & extreme forward bends, but of course with the appropriate and required support. For the Shirshasana, which she has been doing for many years, she ensured that she used the wall for support and also her very able husband supporting her better half balance, to be extra safe. The asana was also done under the supervision of her yoga teacher Eefa Shrof @eefa_shrof who was virtually with her through her session. Anushka as a mommy-to be was so glad that she could continue her practice through her pregnancy.

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Secret Revealed For Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma Diet ! Would You Dare To Follow Anushka Sharma Diet ? Virat Kohli Daily Diet Will Definitely Bring You In Shape. Know Virat Kohli Snacks That You Didn’t Know Before. Can You Guess Virat Kohli Fat Percentage ? Get Virat Kohli Vegan Diet Plan At Foodogma Blog


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