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India's Top Nutritionist Won’t Make Your Diet A Punishment

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


Best Nutritionist In India

Nutritionists and dieticians were once solely needed as specialists for persons who were admitted to the hospital due to illness or surgery. As a result, they were regarded as experts.

Then celebrities began endorsing them in order to satisfy their need to build attractive bodies for the silver screen. With the amount of information available to the general public online,

innumerable publications on the issue, and a drive for broad awareness, it appears that everyone needs to consult or listen to their advise.

6 Famous Nutritionists and dieticians on social media to follow for their invaluable advice:

Nutritionist In India

1. Rujuta Diwaker

Rujuta Diwaker was named one of the 50 most powerful persons in India by People magazine in 2012. She has the best nutritionist bio for instagram as she is one of India's best nutritionists and the recipient of the renowned "nutrition award" from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. Count the prana in your food instead of the calories.

Respect the meal you're eating. Rujuta diwekar diet plan for weight loss have transformed Kareena Kapoor With Saif Ali Khan. Her latest book 'Eating in the age of dieting' by rujuta diwekar is available as an audiobook as well.

The nutritionist took to Instagram to share specially curated quarntine plans for each day. Each plan involves a morning workout and a whole meal chart. A 3-month fitness programme with her costs almost Rs 2 lakh.

Celebrity Nutritionist

2. Ryan Fernando

Ryan Fernando has an unfathomable array of honours to his name as a celebrity Sports Nutritionist, as well as an unending list of famous athletes and celebrities who are linked with him.

Ryan fernando qualification is MBBS but his passions are nutrition, preventive medicine, mind-body medicine, and a holistic approach to the management of the disease.

In order to supply everyone with scientifically tailored diets, Ryan fernando has a renowned nutritionist bio for instagram as he founded the QUA NUTRITION chennai, bangalore, mumbai, kolkata, delhi clinic network, which now employs over 60+ specialised dieticians.

His celebrity clients include Sushil Kumar olympics champion, Joshna Chinappa squash player and the age of Shikhar Dhawan (Indian cricketer) is not easy to guess under the guidance of Ryan fernando nutritionist.

With already 2 Olympic medals and 26 hours of Guinness World Record of human performance to our credit, we take pride in saying that Qua Nutrition is the Best SPORTS Nutrition Clinic on the planet.
Pooja Makhija Dietician

3. Pooja Makhija

Pooja Makhija, a Mumbai-based nutritionist with an MSc in Food Science and Nutrition, has worked with over 10,000 customers from a variety of backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, housewives, working professionals, and members of the fashion and film industries. She has a perfect nutritionist bio for instagram and other social media platforms.

Celebrity Nutritionist

4. Ishi Khosla

Khosla, a Delhi-based nutritionist, has been interested in weight loss since she was a child, when she invented weight loss strategies for herself after suffering from obesity.

Since then, she's pursued a degree in Nutrition Science, worked as a nutritionist at Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi, and founded WHOLE FOODS, a one-stop shop for all your nutritional needs. Ishi khosla has a well known nutritionist bio for instagram and is practicing clinical nutrition, is a columnist, author, an entrepreneur, researcher and welfare worker. Ishi Khosla dietician fees is INR 1200 per month.

To scale up her practice and reach out to a global audience Ms. Khosla has founded a unique score based nutrition App called

Famous Dietitians

5. Shubi Husain

Shubhi has received several important accolades for her efforts as an entrepreneur in the fitness and lifestyle market, despite having over two decades of expertise as a food and nutrition expert.

Shubhi has made a significant influence on the weight reduction industry, from her weight loss products Insta Trim and HS Trim to her wellness clinic network HEALTH SANCTUARY to coaching celebrities and creating an amazing nutritionist bio for instagram.

Famous Nutritionist In India

6. Shikha Sharma

Shikha, who is better recognised as a clinical nutritionist, says that she is first and foremost an allopathic doctor and a preventive health specialist.

She's taken to actively campaigning for living a healthy and natural life because she honestly feels that prevention is better than treatment.

Shikha Sharma nutritionist bio for instagram and her website has all the information regarding her diet plans and the diet kits. She is the creator of the NUTRIHEALTH clinic chain, diagnoses her patients based on their constitution, no matter how long it takes. For 3 months nutrition diet plan based on the body type (Prakriti) and the goal Dr. Shikha Sharma fees is Rs.17,000.

Dr Makhija Dietician

7. Anjali Mukherjee

Winner of ‘Dr. Ambedkar Ratna Award in 2016‘, Anjali Mukherjee is one of the leading celebrity nutritionist in India.

Anjali is a clinical nutritionist with a PhD in alternative medicine and is best known as the official nutritionist of the Miss India competitors.

Anjali Mukherjee Diet

She believes in thoroughly diagnosing and comprehending her patients in order to gain valuable insights into their way of life.

Anjali has been a benefit to the industry as a celebrity nutritionist bio for instagram author of the book "Healing with Foods," a columnist, and the founder of HEALTH TOTAL

Anjali mukherjee products range from gluten-free, low-sugar, high fiber to nutritious snacks which keeps one fueled throughout the day.

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