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Reality Check: Are You Following The Right Diet?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Should I opt for Keto diet or should I go for paleo? Is it okay to try Mediterranean diet or should I go for the Vegan diet? Are you confused about whether your new diet will work for your body? Will it give you the desired results? Let’s simply your doubt through3 small steps. They are 3 magical tests that can help you figure out if a particular diet will work for you or not! Read on…


Ask Yourself : Is Your Daily Food Intake

Sustainable ?

Step 1–Sustainability check

Each time we decide that we wish to follow a more disciplined eating pattern or diet, we need to ask ourselves whether the diet plan that we wish to adapt to is sustainable. Is it something that I can follow for life? If you answer yes to it, congratulations we cleared the step 1.

Ask Yourself : Do You Eat By Season And Reduce Your

Carbon Footprint ?

Step 2–Is it Locally and Traditionally apt?

Ask yourself, does my diet include foods that I ate as a child. Is it traditional and cultural? Is it locally available? Yes, as per Ayurveda, eating food that is sourced from faraway places is considered as “ViruddhAahar” or incompatible diet. So, if your diet has too many fancy sounding ingredients, make sure you ditch the diet all together.

Seasonal produce is generally harvested at its peak so it retains its full nutrient and vitamin content. Because it has naturally ripened on the vine or in the ground it will have a more complex and rich flavor. It’s no lie that the juiciest and most vibrant tasting fruits and veggies are those that are in season.

Nature is wiser than we acknowledge and seasonal foods support season specific needs. After a long winter, the human body craves detoxification and longs to shed the extra weight of winter. Spring vegetables like spinach help to alkalize our bloodstream and energize us for the warmer months when we typically expend more energy being active.

One of the most salient benefits to eating seasonally is that you are effectively reducing your carbon footprint and supporting a more geographically sustainable food economy.

Ask Yourself : Are You Able To Balance Between SIMPLE And HEALTHY


Step 3 – Simplicity test

Does your diet call for making weird looking and tasting drinks (cinnamon water, turmeric water, ABC juice and what not? Does your diet focus only on one food group e.g. vegetables or fruits and ignore the others like cereals or pulses? If yes, this diet is definitely not the one to stick by. We should never forget that our body does not need just one food group/ one food item (like green tea/ egg whites/ salads) to stay healthy. It needs a combination of all. Balance and simplicity goes a long way in ensuring healthy body by supplying adequate amount of macro and micro nutrients to your body. And that is a non-negotiable.

Now if the diet you follow could clear all the 3 test, kudos you have made the right choice. The only thing to do now is to put your head down and stick to it. As time passes, you will begin to improve on your energy levels, ability to exercise, periods will be painfree and your hunger signals will get sharper. All of these are the small milestones that you will encounter on your health transformation before you reach your goal. The only catch here is patience. Allow your body the time that it takes to reach there. Rushing through the process will only make a slightly longer.


Niti Dhulla

Niti Dhulla is the Owner and Founder at Online Nutrition Consultancy “NutriDietByNitiDhulla”

Winner of Dr.K.U.Naram Award -AFSTI. Currently she is a Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach and has proudly achieved the degree of Gold Medalist in Foods Nutrition and Dietetics. Niti Dhulla is a fitness enthusiast, a Certified Yoga Instructor and a Certified Acupressure Therapist. Feel free to take her guidance by contacting her at the below links.


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