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Dates Eating Benefits : Unveiling the Nutritional Power of this Superfood !

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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Dates Khajoor

Dates are the sweet small fruits commonly known as khajoor in Hindi, known for their high amount of sweetness. You must have heard of chefs using dates in lieu of table sugar and its product for making the meal healthy. Now the question arises what is present in these fruits that make them so beneficial for our body and help in maintaining health. Dates are found to be rich in carbohydrates mainly glucose and fructose.

Is Dates A Fruit

Yes, dates are indeed a fruit. They are sweet, nutrient-rich, and come from the date palm tree. These versatile fruits are enjoyed worldwide as a healthy and delicious snack.

Dates Vitamin

These are also a good source of vitamin B complex, dietary fiber, minerals, phenolics, carotenoids, and antioxidants. Due to these important functional compounds, dates exhibit various health benefits by preventing many diseases. Let’s look at some more benefits of dates that you never knew:

Do Dates Make You Poop


Various studies done by scientists have suggested that dates are rich in dietary fibers. These dietary fibers are mainly insoluble which helps protect our body from various disorders like bowel cancer while becoming an important constituent of stools that promote stool formation and relieve constipation. According to Indian recommended dietary guidelines a normal Indian person should consume approximately 30-40 g of dietary fiber. So the addition of dates in your life comes as a boon to prevent constipation while enjoying this sweet treat! More benefits will be explained in the following sections.

Benefit of Dates


Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that causes problems in one’s memory, thinking and even behavior. Several scientific evidence suggests that dates have an effect on the substances like inflammatory cytokines which are responsible for this disease. So dates have a beneficial effect against neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimers. In a research study, it was mentioned that the date palm fruits also contain flavonoid glycosides of luteolin, quercetin, and apigenin. Recent research studies suggest that apigenin exhibits some mild sedative effects with anti-inflammatory properties and neuroprotection. Also the presence of antioxidants helps in curbing the free radical and works in preventing neurological-degenerative diseases as stated earlier.

Dates Labor


Dates are believed to be helpful during pregnancy and labor. Consuming dates during pregnancy provides you with high energy levels as these are energy-packed natural sugars. Dates, both dried and wet, as well as palm juice extracts, are a rich source of nourishment for the body when ingested on a regular basis, especially for pregnant and maternal women. Due to the multiple contractions of the uterine muscles when it comes to delivering the baby, especially if it takes a long time, pregnant women who are about to give birth are in critical need of sugary drinks and meals. Dates, as they are beneficial in sustaining high energy levels throughout delivery due to the natural sugar and calories they provide, are a good natural source. They operate as natural labour inducers, reducing the requirement for artificial labour and shortening the labour duration. They cause cervical dilation and mimic the compound oxytocin which causes labour contractions. Dates contain the hormone potuchin, which helps to connect the uterus and its muscles, consequently reducing postpartum haemorrhage. Dates contain tannins, which help with contractions during labour.

Dates Are Good For


Antioxidants is a substance present in our food that is responsible for fighting free radicals. Free radicals harm our cells and can be a cause of cancers. So the addition of antioxidants is important in one's diet. Now, that’s where fruits like dates come into play. They are packed with such natural antioxidants. Several studies have shown that their regular intake can decrease the risk of several degenerative chronic diseases like diabetes, ulcers, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease, and some forms of cancers. The chief antioxidants present in dates are glutathione, polyamines, and phenolics.


Fibre improves your gut health and bowel movement function. We read earlier that dates are rich in fiber. They also help in the formation of regular stools and provide regularity in bowel movement. It prevents constipation and leads to the formation of stool. Dates also contain sorbitol which acts as a natural laxative and increases bowel movement. If you are experiencing loose stools, diarrhea or dehydration then avoid eating dates as they can increase discomfort. In 100g of dates there is 8g of fibre. Therefore, adding dates to your diet is beneficial to increase your fibre intake.

Dates Calcium


As mentioned earlier, dates are a rich and easy source of fibre to add to your diet. Moreover, these are also rich in numerous nutrients like iron and calcium. They are good antioxidants and flush out toxins, maintain blood sugar levels, soothe inflammation and ultimately aid in weight loss. You can easily grab 3-4 dates 30 minutes prior to a workout and enjoy their sweetness along with the energy they would provide you throughout the workout.

Dates In India

BOTTOM LINE: Dates could be an essential item in the human diet and can play a significant role in human health and nutrition owing to their unique nutritional composition. Dates include a variety of functional and bioactive substances such as carotenoids, anthocyanins, phenolics, antioxidants, and soluble fibre, all of which have anti-tumor, anti-ulcer, anti-microbial, and immuno-modulatory characteristics. Furthermore, dates are regarded as a nutraceutical and functional food. When compared to a regular diet, a few dates can satisfy our daily nutrient needs. Experts recommend eating dates daily as a snack to help one feel energised without crashing soon afterward because they promote weight loss, treat constipation, strengthen immunity, improve brain and heart health, and even prevent diseases like Alzheimer's, different types of cancer, and other chronic diseases. As a result, date consumption is actively encouraged!


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